Nursing School Success Kit

All the "Most Wanted" and "Top Rated" Nursing School Essentials at a discounted price.

👉What is included:

Nursing School Antidote Hardcover Book + Digital Copy, Nursing Watch, Medical Shears, Foldable Aluminum Nursing Clipboard, Penlight, Basic Calculator for Med Dosage Exams, Badge Reel w/ Accessories, Nursing Reference Badge Cards, Nursing Stickers, Fluid Intake Tracking Water Bottle, Nursing Exam & NCLEX Tips Bookmark

👉ADD ON: Dual Low & High-Frequency Stethoscope
👉ADD ON: Nursing School & NCLEX Planner
👉ADD ON: Nursing Clinical Brain Sheet Book

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The Ultimate Nursing School Planner

Monthly Layout Includes:

· Body System Themes and Notes

· Highlighting System

· NCLEX Exam Tips

· Task List and more!


Each Monthly & Weekly Layout Includes: 

· A&P Body System Themed Month

· NCLEX & Nursing Exam Tips

· Highlighting System

· Priorities List

· To Do List

· Water Intake Tracker

· Fitness Tracker

· Assignments Due Reminder and more!

This planner includes basic information that you can refer back to about:
1. Lab Values
2. EKGs
3. ABGs
4. Major Bones
5. Cranial Nerves
6. Med Dose
7. Vitals
8. Pediatrics
9. Pharmacology
10. IV Fluids and MORE!!!