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Anxious to start studying for the NCLEX? You came to the right place! This 1 hour review used by almost 1 million students goes over all the big concepts you need to know to pass the first time around.

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Nursing School Notes for Nursing Students by BeautifulNursing!

Ultimate Nclex Review Bundle

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This is a study guide based off my viral NCLEX Review video on Youtube. šŸŽ„ This is a great overview of the most important topics for the NCLEX:

šŸ”„How to Prepare for the NCLEX
šŸ”„Info about the Next Generation NCLEX 2023
šŸ”„Lab Values & Electrolytes
šŸ”„Critical Labs
šŸ”„Safety Precautions
šŸ”„Assistive Devices
šŸ”„Heart Rhythms
šŸ”„Diabetes and Insulin
šŸ”„OB-Maternity & Pediatric Milestones
šŸ”„Therapeutic Communication

and MORE!!!

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Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Odzpo_vnp14

Also be sure to check out my instagram for a free NCLEX question each weekday on my Insta Stories. @BeautifulNursing