👉 Upcoming Nursing School Semester Anxiety?

🏥Upcoming Semester Anxiety🏥

I spent the block of time before starting Nursing School or between each semester on edge.

🔥My Advice🔥

1️⃣ Each semester is different. There will be different students, professors, lab instructors, or clinical advisors that will encourage you. Remember: what courses are hard for some students will not automatically be hard for you!

2️⃣ Get your CNA certification! The skills and education you will learn as a CNA will really help you in your Nursing program.

3️⃣ Check out my 1 hr review to watch before Nursing School if you are going into your 1st semester! 🎥
Includes info about vitals, patient positioning, med admin, lab values, and everything else you will learn in the first semester!
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YESNfVN9fM4&t=1073s

4️⃣ If also starting your 1st semester, talk to your Disabilities or Accommodations Office at your school to see what might be available. As I said, I have horrible testing anxiety so I talked to my school about getting accommodations for testing (ex: noise-canceling headphones).

5️⃣ Find the cohort ahead of you to ask for advice on how to study or what items would be helpful for class/clinical/lab.

6️⃣ Block Nursing Groups or Threads that stress you out or make negative memes about Nursing School (seriously). This will do nothing but bring you down.

7️⃣ Buy Nursing School Essentials! My favs are linked in my bio!

8️⃣ Find a summer job or apply for scholarships. Many people do cut their hours or work during school, so try to save up before starting the semester!

9️⃣ Once you get into Nursing School, just remember: "C's get Degrees". You do not need to be an A student. Passing is what matters. Study hard and try your hardest and that is all you can do!

🔟 BE PROUD that you made it this far! You are a rockstar!

XO Amanda

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