trying to be the light

no matter how dark the night

Hi friend!

My name is Amanda and I started my Nursing Journey in 2016 while working full-time as a medical receptionist and raising my 3-year-old daughter. I fell in love with the medical field but it was not an easy journey.

I am not afraid to share my story because I know if it helps just one person then it will be worth it...


-Hospitalized multiple times for postpartum depression + anxiety

-Weighed 300+ lbs


-Lost two babies

-Gained 30+ lbs from depression

-Got a job as a medical receptionist


-Rejected from my dream nursing program

-Got my CNA certification


-Dad got diagnosed with Cancer

-Daughter got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder

-Lost a friend


-Lost my first cat

-Got married

-Housing issues


-Graduated BSN RN w/ 4.0 GPA

-Lost over 70+ Lbs

-Working dream jobs in Pediatrics

-Bought my first house

Someone wise once told me, "Life goes in waves. Just when you are at the bottom and want to give up, life starts going up again". I have been at really low places in my life and I never thought it would get better. I am living proof that it does.

I am far from perfect but I keep trying to be a better person and do good in the world.

All I can say that if you are that person going through a hard time, just know you are not alone!

My mission is to be your light during a dark time. I know Nursing School can be hard.You can feel hopeless, lost, exhausted, anxious, burnt out, and not smart enough...but do not give up. There was a reason WHY you started. Hold on to that reason. There is a patient out there that needs a nurse like YOU one day! It will all be worth it if you hold on just

XOXO Amanda


Amanda Draayer
PO Box 414. Saint Bonifacius, MN 55375