👩‍⚕️⚕️ Scared of Starting Nursing School?

Scared of Nursing School?

👉Nursing school orientation put the fear of God in me....

👉The summer before my first semester of nursing school was full of anxiety and some people quit before it even started.

👉Also, all I saw online was the constant memes about failing nursing school, being depressed in nursing school, or how nursing school deprives you of time and energy.

👉It was intimidating.

👉I felt like I needed to get prepared like a boxer going into battle.

👉The boxing ring was nursing school and I was afraid to get knocked out.

👉If you are about to start nursing school this Fall or on a break between courses? Here are some tips:

⭐️ Unfortunately, there is no way to fully prepare.
I tried looking up what I needed to buy, read, or study before nursing school or a class started because I did not want to fail. You don't know what they will teach or test on, so stop worrying about needing to know everything. Nobody knows everything when they first start.

⭐️Get your CNA license.
A lot of what I learned in my CNA classes I took over the summer was taught the first semester of nursing school. It gave me a huge confidence boost to already know some of the information that was being taught. It looks great on your resume and helps you develop professional contacts if you start to work as a CNA too.

⭐️Start studying the NCLEX. If you are doing my NCLEX question of the day in my stories, you are already ahead. Just 1-2 questions a day really adds up.

⭐️Trust the process and RELAX.
I will not say that nursing school is easy....It is a lot of work and reading intensive, but you will learn so much and make friends for life. Take this summer to prioritize your physical and mental health and have fun!

Please just breathe and know that you got this far for a reason. I truly believe that everyone is capable of becoming a nurse with hard work and dedication! :)


XOXO Amanda

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