📉 Comparing Grades with other Classmates 📝

All that matters is getting to the end, it does not matter how you get there.

📚There was a few students in my cohort that seemed to rarely study and still always did better than me on tests.
I was never that person that could not study and end up with good grades.

📚I put every ounce of my being, energy, time, blood, sweat, and tears into becoming an RN.

📚I used to get hung up on WHY I had to work so much harder than some to earn good grades and most of the time I would end up feeling inadequate and not smart enough…

🔥Truth Bombs🔥

👉Someone else probably wishes for the grades you have, but they just do not say it.

👉You rarely will hear others outwardly talk about failing a test or an assignment. The majority of conversations will revolve around "I got a 98%" or "I was only a point away from an A."

👉We all fail at something in nursing school. Just have courage to pick yourself up and try again.

👉It is normal to feel pressure to compete to be the best and feel the smartest in order to belong...but honestly when you get to the real world, this will not matter at all.

🔥Stop comparing yourself BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.🔥

🔥Instead put your energy into figuring out how you can study the most effectively, your mental health & wellbeing, and your success.

🔥All that matters is getting to the end. Keep taking it one day at a time.


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