📚 Failing in Nursing School?

📚 Failing in Nursing School?

✨Failure can be a blessing✨

🌿Everyone fails at something...everyone.

🌿In my prerequisites, I started failing microbiology when my dad got cancer. I had to drop the class and retake it.

🌿In my first semester of nursing school, I failed VITALS checkoff. I made the mistake of only doing one form of patient verification.

🌿I cried and I actually questioned if I should even keep going.

✨But I never made that mistake again...

🌿Each time I failed, I would have a good cry and then I pushed myself to do better.

🌿Failure can motivate us to work harder and move forward.

🌿We do not grow unless we try something new. People that are successful fail a lot, but it's only because they tried and tried AGAIN.

🌿One of my teachers even once told me, "Amanda, you work hard but are not very smart. I would rather have a smart surgeon, than one who works hard."

🌿It angered every being inside of me. It pushed me throughout nursing school to PROVE THEM WRONG.

🌿All the failure, hate, and pain became my motivators to succeed.

🌿Next time you fail, do not be afraid. This is what you need to evolve.

✨I hope this gives you some comfort today!

❤️XO Amanda
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