🔥 Top Nursing School Exam Tips 🔥

Who else felt like they need to studied every little detail in fear of failing and STILL FAILED? 👋

It is impossible to know everything but that is okay.

🔥The trick is to learn how to answer any question with what you have.
Use this even for those horrid select all that apply "SATA" questions.

🔥Top tips that helped me get A's on exams:

1️⃣Turn each answer option into True/False. If it is false or does not answer the question, cross it out!

2️⃣If two answers are alike, both are wrong.

3️⃣If two answers are opposite, chances are one is right.

4️⃣Always assess patient BEFORE interventions, EXCEPT in emergency situations.

5️⃣Never ask "Why" instead use "What" in therapeutic communication.

6️⃣Prioritize Acute over Chronic issues.

7️⃣Use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

8️⃣ For Interventions, use LEAST invasive option first.

9️⃣Avoid absolute answers that include words like, "Always", "Never", "Only"

🔟If you have never heard of one of the answers, do not pick it.

👉More information on these concepts is included in my nursing book.

As far as those of you that just graduated and need to take the NCLEX, do not overstudy and fry your brain. 🧠🤯Listen to my audio lecture on Youtube and do practice questions on UWorld.

You got this!

XO Amanda

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