😖 The Moment I Wanted to Quit Nursing School

👉I remember the exact moment when I first wanted to quit nursing school...

✏️ I was taking A&P II and I was getting ready for midterms. I was not understanding the material and there was always tons of readings and homework to complete.

✏️ I broke down. I cried for like a full hour.

✏️ I called my mom and said, "I can't do this...I just don't have it in me."

✏️ My mom gently reminded me, "Honey, you always try your hardest and that is all you can do. Give it your all and if that still does not work out, then other doors will open for you."

✏️ I decided after that phone call to keep working on my homework and to cry my way through it. #WhatAScene

✏️ I felt inadequate and behind, but I still kept pushing myself.

✏️ Eventually, I kept pushing myself to the finish line and I am a proud RN that graduated with honors. 💖👩‍⚕️

👉We all feel like we are not smart enough.
👉We all feel behind.
👉We all feel like quitting.

✏️ But the true mark of your character is how you respond to these moments of doubt and insecurity.

❤️ I believe that everyone is capable of passing nursing school.
❤️ I believe YOU ARE SMART.
❤️ I believe YOU ARE CAPABLE.

👉You just need to believe it too.👈


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