Being a Parent while in Nursing School...

🍼Being a parent in nursing school....
🧸When I first got my acceptance letter to nursing school, I actually started crying later that day wondering how I was going to make it work with a 2 year old.
🧸 I was petrified.
🧸 I read horror stories of parents in nursing school not being able to keep up and it made me doubt myself.
🧸 I did have a lot of mom guilt while I was in school since I felt like I was not spending enough time with her or that I was failing her as a parent....
🍼🧸 I was doing this for her. We lived paycheck to paycheck in an old apartment and I knew that I had to give her a better life. She deserved that. We both deserved that.
🍼🧸She actually learned a lot while I was in nursing school. She is in Kindergarten right now and knows anatomical phrases when explaining her body and knows different types of diseases and treatments. #Stem
🍼🧸Eventually, she saw how hard I worked for my goals and it made her such a hard worker. She even met competency for Kindergarten in the middle of December.
✏️In my calendar, I labeled 5-7 PM as "Elizabeth Time". I would put away my phone and try to be there for her.
✏️On days that I could not spend those two hours with her, I would make her draw a picture of something we could do to celebrate once I finished (homework/test/paper).
🍼🧸I graduated with many parents in my cohort. They had kids between the ages of 2 months-20 years old.
It might be hard, but do it for them.
💖XOXO Amanda from BeautifulNursing

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