End of Nursing Semester Burnout 💤

End of Nursing Semester Burnout 💤

💤End of Semester Burnout💤

Thanksgiving break is over and now the dread of finals is setting in.

I know at the end of the semester, you can start to feel:

😣Burnt Out

I know it is hard to study constantly, sacrifice sleep, and neglect your social life right now....but it hurts less than failing a class.

This time will pass.

Study as hard as you can NOW, so you can be proud of yourself LATER.


👉If you have a friend in Nursing School right now:

❤️ Buy them a coffee ☕️

❤️ Give them space and time

❤️ Make them a home-cooked meal

❤️ Offer to do laundry

❤️ Give them a call

You can do this! Just push through!

XO Amanda
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