Exhausted from Nursing School...READ THIS! 🍃

Exhausted from Nursing School...READ THIS! 🍃

🤍This message is heavy on my heart today.

🤍It can be hard to sit still and not do the many tasks that you may be presented with in nursing school, work as a nurse, or in life.

🤍I always kept wanting to "Fast-Forward" through my life. I kept telling myself when I finish _(nursing school, moving, NCLEX, first job, etc.)__ then I would slow down and be happy. I kept racing through life.

🤍They say, "You cannot pour from an empty cup".

🤍I finally cracked and had to slow down....

🤍If you are emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted then you are more prone to errors and stress when you are doing various tasks.

🤍I have been feeling some burnout lately with trying to keep up with my two jobs and home life.

🤍 I decided I needed to start giving myself the love that I give others AND JUST REST MY BODY.

🤍If you need REST even for an hour, then try these things with me:

🪴Disconnect phone
🪴Take a walk outside
🪴Listen to calming music
🪴Journal your feelings
🪴Cook a meal
🪴Tidy and Organize Room
🪴Home DIY manicure/pedicure
🪴Take a Nap
🪴Watch an episode of your favorite show

🤍Personal note: I have struggled with depression and anxiety almost my whole life. It really helps to never watch dramas on TV, I only watch comedies along with listening to uplifting music.

👉Today, I encourage you to listen to your body. If you need rest, REST!

XOXO Amanda from BeautifulNursing.com
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