Feel like you are not Smart Enough for Nursing School?

📢I have been a little MIA recently.

🧠 I always limit my time on social media so I can finish out the rest of the semester strong.

🧠Recently, I have been suffering from imposter syndrome. Anyone relate?

👉Imposter Syndrome is someone who struggles with feeling inadequate, not good enough, or like a fraud.

🧠Nursing school can be very competitive and most of us want to feel like we are smart enough to belong. It can make us overcompensate.

🧠But the truth is:
People become nurses every single day….

❤️So why not YOU?

🧠We all fail a nursing exam or even the NCLEX. This happens. We ALL fail at one point and it hurts.

🧠Even if you fail, do what some people do not have the courage to do, which is TRY AGAIN.

🧠Give yourself as many chances as you need to get it right.

🧠Don’t compare yourself to others because we all bloom in our own time.

🧠Do not let fear or self-doubt stop you from pursuing your dreams.

❤️All you need to do is SHOW UP and give it your best.

Have a great semester!

XO Amanda

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