Comforting Advice for New Grad Nurses ❤️

👉When I first graduated from Nursing School, I was petrified.

👉I will never forget the first time I walked into a patient's room as the actual ✨Nurse✨ and thought, "I should not be here. This is unreal". I felt unqualified. #impostersyndrome

👉For the first few weeks, I would go home and worry if I made a mistake or if I missed something. I was constantly anxious.

👉New Grad Nurses Read This Whenever You Need a Boost:

💜 Try to remember how HARD you worked to get to this point. Your teachers, clinical instructors, advisors, and the Board of Nursing passed you because you EARNED your title of a nurse!

💜 Nobody knows everything. You will encounter a disease, med, or issue that you have never heard of and that happens ALL THE TIME. It is okay to ask for help or ask questions!

💜 We all make mistakes and have to learn hard lessons but that is what helps us GROW in our profession. A bad day does not equal a bad nurse.

💜 Do not bottle up your feelings or anxiety. Talk to your Nursing Supervisor, Mentor or Coworkers. Chances are they had similar feelings when they first started. Trust me you are not alone.

💜 Give it time! The new Nurse Jitters will go away over time. Remember mastery of any skill takes time and practice! It may take time, but it will all click one day!

💜 Use a Brain Sheet! These are a lifesaver as a New Grad Nurse and will help you assess, manage, and prioritize patient care. I have a ✨FREE✨ one on my website.

💜 Be kind to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of "why" you wanted to be a nurse and how many lives you will impact in this profession. You are making a difference to a world that is currently suffering. ❤️🌎

XO Amanda from

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