Life as a Nursing Student

✍️ Dear Nursing Students,

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

👉 Unless you are in Nursing school, lived with someone in Nursing school, or are a Nurse, people will not understand what we go through.

🌿 It is not easy studying for hours only to fail a test by half a point.

🌿 Memorizing hundreds of medications and diseases in a short period of time.

🌿 Waking up before sunrise to make it to clinical on time.

🌿 Missing another family or social event because you have to study yet again.

You fight for your life for the dream!

👉 Please remember Future Nurse that this time in Nursing school is a small sacrifice for the much larger reward at the end.

❤️ I love being a nurse.
❤️ I love knowing I have options for work hours (ex: 3 12hr shifts vs. 5 8hr shifts).
❤️ I love knowing I can finally provide for my family.
❤️ I love having stability since healthcare is recession-proof.
❤️ I love positively impacting my patients' lives.

Study hard now, and be proud later Future Nurse!
Save this if you need a reminder!

I love you all so much!
XO Your Mama Bear Nurse Amanda

⭐️ Nursing School Study Guides & Free Cheatsheets linked in bio!

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