Top Tips to Pass Anatomy and Physiology

🧠 Truth: A&P was one of the hardest classes I ever took.
I was so overwhelmed learning not only anatomical structures but the functions behind them. I broke down one day. I sat there crying thinking, "If I can't pass A&P, there is no way I will make it through Nursing School".
I just decided to try just ONE MORE DAY. I cried my way through the assignment that day and wished I could tell my younger self:
👉Nursing Pre-reqs can be difficult. In my experience, my pre-requisite classes were almost harder than some of my actual program. We all learn in different ways and struggle in different classes. But if you are struggling right now, I can guarantee you others are too. Just show up and try your best. Sometimes, just trying again is the bravest thing you can do!
🔥 Here are my top tips to pass Anatomy & Physiology with an A:
1️⃣ Tag Anatomical Structures and take PICTURES to study! 📸
2️⃣ SPEND as much time as possible in the LAB. 🔬
3️⃣ Make Digital Flashcards*** I used Quizlet. I would study these in between classes and for 20 minutes each night. 📝
4️⃣ Know the OBJECTIVES for each week beacuse these will most likely show up on the Exam.
5️⃣ Highlight any phrase, concept, or term that your teacher says is important or is going to be on an exam.
6️⃣ Pretend TEACH to a stuffed animal or object about what you learned in class today. This is the study technique that really changed my grades the most.
7️⃣ Learn prefixes, suffixes and root words. This will definitely help you classify medical terminology.
8️⃣ Watch Youtube Videos. I highly recommend Crash Course for great overviews of each body system.
9️⃣ I love learning by playing GAMES. Here are some links to games I played to learn A&P:
🔟 Finally form study groups with other people in your class! Two heads are better than one!

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