What kind of Nurse should I be?

🏥 I had no idea what kind of Nurse I wanted to be.

👉I started out as a Medical Receptionist in 2016 with a dream to become a Nurse.

👉As I was looking at different programs, I discussed a certain school with the Nurse Manager at my work.
She said, "You don't necessarily need to go to an expensive program, you all take the same NCLEX in the end!"

❤️ She was right.

✍️I became a Certified Nursing Assistant and then I decided to take a nontraditional route that was cheaper and faster by obtaining my ADN at a local community college. Then I finished my RN-BSN online with a traditional University.

🔥 I chose a nontraditional route because I wanted to graduate with less debt. #ADN #BSN

🔥 I chose to become an RN because I wanted to, not because I was pressured to do it. #RN #LPN

🔥 I chose to not start in Med-Surg because I knew it wouldn't make me happy.

❤️There are always pros and cons to each choice you make, but do not let anyone pressure you into making the choice of what kind of Nurse you want to be.

❤️The possibilities are endless once you get that degree.

❤️Do what is best for YOU in the end!

XO Amanda

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