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Pharmacology Study Bundle - 120+ Pages

Pharmacology Study Bundle - 120+ Pages

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My name is Amanda and I used to fear Pharmacology when I first started nursing school. The idea of having to learn hundreds of medications was intimidating to me. But let me tell you, I've learned a few hacks to not only make pharmacology easier, but to make it FUN! What this bundle includes:

šŸ”„MNEMONICS and VISUALS for every medication! Over 100 Medications!!!!
šŸ”„Study hacks
šŸ”„Medication Basics like terminology, routes, and rights of medication administration
šŸ”„List of Antidotes
šŸ”„Cholinergics vs. Anticholinergics
šŸ”„Beta vs. Alpha Receptors
šŸ”„Categorizing Common Drugs
šŸ”„Sample Medication Organizer
šŸ”„Nclex Drug Levels

If you are worried about pharmacology or currently struggling, I can guarantee you that this bundle will aid you in your future studies!!! Please message me if you have any questions!!!
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