🏥 Rejected from a Nursing Program or Job?

👉Rejected from a nursing program or your dream nursing job?

Right now, you are just DELAYED NOT DENIED.

Read that again.

💡I got rejected from my dream nursing program when I first started.

💡Or so I thought I was…

💡I applied to three different programs in the area, and the one I wanted to go to the most was the one that my friends from my pre-reqs were accepted at.

💡When I received the letter that I was waitlisted to this program, I was heartbroken. I cried for hours.

I felt humiliated.
I felt stupid.
I started to doubt that I should even become a nurse.

💡I was accepted at two other great programs and decided to accept one of their invites. After I accepted, my dream program called that I got in but I ended up refusing that offer.

💡I thought getting rejected from my “dream” was the worst thing…in hindsight, it was a blessing.

❤️Here is why rejection is good thing:

✅It makes you open to new opportunities.
👉I decided to branch out and go to a different program where I met some of the most amazing people in my cohort. We lifted each other up instead of competing with one another. #MyAngels

✅It can motivate you to work harder.
👉Make it your mission to prove to that school, organization or people wrong. Work hard to show others how capable and strong you are.

✅ It will teach you a lesson.
👉Life always has a plan for you and things work out for the better, even if all you see is darkness right now.

❤️👉Just remember the hard times in life is what makes us enjoy the good times even more. You will become stronger, smarter, and better from hardships. Do not give up on your dreams, because with hard work you WILL get there!

Amanda from BeautifulNursing.com

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