Imposter Syndrome as a New Grad Nurse?

Imposter Syndrome as a New Grad Nurse?

👉Truth: When it was near the end of my last semester of Nursing School, panic started creeping in.

🌿 I was wondering how I would ever make it as a nurse in the real world.

🌿 I was taught the human body, disease processes, medications, treatments, and assessments.

🌿 But I still didn't feel prepared to be an actual nurse especially since I was not perfect at skills…

🌿 I'll never forget when I was doing a check-off for Trach Suctioning and when my teacher said, "Go". I completely froze for 10 seconds. I never had that feeling before. 10 seconds felt like minutes.

🌿 But I realized:

💥 Timed or High-Pressure Skills Check-Offs are not how you will perform as a nurse in the field. This is not a realistic setting.

👉Skills take time to learn. It takes TIME and PRACTICE to master anything.

🌿 If you are not perfect or the best at skills right now, do not worry. You WILL be better in the future. I promise.

🌿 I also remember my first week as an actual nurse in the field.

🌿 The first time I was in a room alone with a patient as the nurse, it felt surreal.

🌿 I almost felt unqualified to be there. #ImposterSyndrome

🌿 But after time, it became EASIER and EASIER.

🌿 Eventually, I fell into a routine and the new nurse jitters were gone.

👉 In Nursing School, just focus on passing the NCLEX because the rest will take time.

❤️ It will all work out in the end.
XO Amanda
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