The Ultimate Nursing School & NCLEX Planner. 👉 Life can become very busy in Nursing School. My mission was to create a product that would help students manage the busiest of schedules and study effectively.🔥Monthly Body System Themed, NCLEX Test Tips
Nursing School Planner
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Life can become very busy in Nursing School. My mission was to create a planner that not only would help people manage even the busiest of schedules, but would also help you learn with a reference section in the back.

Nursing School & NCLEX Planner by Beautiful Nursing
Monthly Layout

Each month is themed after a different BODY SYSTEM to help you learn or refresh your memory on the functions of each of the 11 different body systems.

2️⃣ HIGHLIGHTING SYSTEM. This will help visual learners categorize the activities of the month (exams, assignments, etc.) into different colors.

3️⃣ TASK LIST to keep track of important tasks for the month.

4️⃣ NCLEX TEST TIPS 🔥 that will be helpful for Nursing School exams and the NCLEX.

Weekly Layout

1️⃣ PRIORITIES LIST to help you keep track of which tasks should be done first.

2️⃣ TO DO LIST with boxes that can be checked off after completing a task.

3️⃣ Water Intake & Fitness Tracker each week.

4️⃣ ASSIGNMENTS DUE each day to help avoid missing or turning an assignment in late.

5️⃣ EXTRA NOTES section.

Nursing School Planner by Beautiful Nursing

🏥🔥 This is why this planner is ONE-OF-A-KIND. I made this section in my first planner back in 2020 and it became such a hit that I included it in this new planner too!

Includes information about: EKGs, lab values, diabetes, ABGs, major bones, cranial nerves, med conversions, safety precautions, drug prefixes & suffixes, and more!