The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY
The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY

The Nursing School Antidote | DIGITAL EBOOK ONLY

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The Nursing School Antidote | Digital Ebook Version Only

This is the perfect book to help you at any stage of your Nursing career. Whether you are starting to apply to Nursing School or just needing a refresher as a New Grad Nurse, this is the book for you!

10 Reasons why this Ultimate Nursing School Bundle is a MUST:

1. 350+ NCLEX Tips with a section on the Next Generation NCLEX.
2. There is a mnemonic for EVERY disorder and medication. #MemoryHacks 🧠
3. Created for visual learners with 500+ 🎨 VISUALS 🎨 
4. Simplified materials. My mission was to make complex topics SIMPLE to learn.
5. Study Hacks for Nursing Exams& the NCLEX that helped me go from barely surviving to a 4.0 GPA.
6. 371 pages of straight to the point information without the fluff.
7. 100+ Pages of 💊 Pharmacology 💊
8. Comforting Advice and Quotes for Nursing Students & New Nurses 🍃
9. Each disorder comes with the Pathophysiology, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnostics, Treatment, and a Nursing Diagnosis to make exams and clinical easier!
10. Low Price Guarantee! 💰 I wanted to ensure the prices of my materials were BELOW any others available on the market because money can be tight in Nursing School!

🔥 What is included:

NEXT GENERATION NCLEX: lab values, electrolytes, critical labs, safety precautions, vitals, assistive devices, restraints, substance abuse, heart rhythms, diabetes, pediatrics, OB-Maternity overview, therapeutic communication, hospital diets, pharmacology, and more!

MEDICAL-SURGICAL: ~80 disorders! Each disorder comes with a Mneumonic for the Symptoms and Risk Factors. Also includes information on the pathophysiology, diagnostics, treatment, and a VISUAL AID!

PHARMACOLOGY: Hundreds of medications with each Medication class! Over 100 pages of medications with Mnemonics and Visuals. Information on the Name, Class, Use, MOA, Adverse Effects, Routes of Administration, General Information, and Black Box Warning is included with each medication class!

FUNDAMENTALS: Everything you need to know for your first semester! Health Care Basics, Interprofessional Team, Nursing Ethics, Legalities, Delegation, Asepsis, Safety Precautions, Assistive Devices, Patient Positioning, Wound Care, Medication Administration, Oxygenation, and More!!!

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY: Overview of EACH body system with labeled anatomical features, key terms, and the physiologic processes broken down into simple terms!

OB-MATERNITY: Information from Conception to Newborn Care. This is the holy grail of simplifying the Stages of Labor, Contraception Devices, Pregnancy Complications, FHR Rates, Postpartum Assessment, and OB-Maternity Medications!

PEDIATRICS: The most colorful, rainbow-themed section with hacks on pediatric milestones, vitals, reflexes, vaccine schedules, safety information, psychosocial development and theorists (freud, piaget, erikson), pediatric medication administration, pediatric disorders, and more!

NUTRITION: types of nutrition (carbs, proteins, lipids) information, a complete list of vitamins & minerals, fluid intake, metabolic rate, weight measurement, types of diets, enteral vs. parenteral nutrition and more!!

HEART RHYTHMS AND ECG: the parts of the EKG explained in simple terms, EKG Interpretation Steps, all the major types of heart rhythms and treatment, EKG placement and more!

❤️ Honestly, my hope is to be your LIGHT in a dark time. If you are nervous or struggling in Nursing School, I really want my notes to be your guide! I know these helped countless others pass and that is all I want for YOU! I have a "Love It" guarantee! I wish you all the best and really hope you LOVE these notes!

Message me if you have any questions!

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